Building a BNPL Retail Finance Business

20 OCTOBER 2021

BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) is exploding as a form of consumer finance all over the world, offering banks and finance houses in more and more countries an exciting new profit stream. BNPL works best when merchants sell goods on credit provided by a bank partner at no cost to the consumer who pays in a series of instalments.

BNPL has been around in physical form for many decades in countries like Israel, Turkey, Mexico and Brazil but its emergence in e-commerce format has set the world of retailing and consumer finance on fire as never before. In the process BNPL has become one of the most exciting fields in fintech. But it is not without risk.

So how does a bank unaccustomed to BNPL, whatever its size, go about building a new BNPL business?

  • Which revenue model should it adopt?
  • Does interest have any role or is there a better alternative?
  • Which Tech should it use – something off-the-shelf, something built internally – or the Visa and Mastercard rails?
  • What is the role of factoring in the merchant-bank relationship?
  • When should the merchant be paid – when the goods are purchased or by instalment, when the consumer pays?
  • How can bad debts – and bad publicity – be minimised?
  • How are the regulators responding?
This workshop will feature leading authorities in the BNPL sector, including:
  • Alon Feit, Founder Splitit
    Topic:  How we Created Splitit and Floated in Australia – Alon Feit, Founder
  • Mehmet Sezgin, myGini
    Topic:  Lessons from the Turkish Experience
  • Balu Ramachandran, Chief Business Officer, SIMPL
    Topic:  Building an International BNPL Business in India
  • Neha Mettal, Chief Executive Officer, Divido
    Topic:  The White Label BNPL specialist
Register yourself and your team now for this workshop. BNPL is a global phenomenon that you cannot afford to ignore.


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